Although UC Aerospace puts a huge amount of resources into the development of our rockets, we are also looking for the next set of talent who will take over and develop the next generation of launch vehicles. To find the true talent and those who are passionate about rocketry, we devised a plan to allow all who are interested in joining the club to research, design and build their level 1, 2 and 3 certification rockets. We had 14 teams successfully build their level 1 rockets and launch them with a 100% success rate. Some teams even flew their own electronics and software setups for their flight, which was an outstanding success. All students who successfully flew these rockets are now working on our next big projects that will fly in 2020, and working towards their level 2 certification, with the hopes of completing their level 3 certification at some point in the future. This is really exciting and we can not wait to see the new rockets!